Review: Theraclear Acne Therapy at The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery (1st & 2nd Session)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

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I had been mentioning quite a lot of times in my blog that my face oils up easily and I also have inflammations here and there, sometimes big sometimes small and sometimes they're non-inflammatory comedones that make my skin looks bumpy. And so for the past 2 weeks, I visited The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery for a Theraclear Acne Treatment to treat my (what I would always call) "troublesome skin".

My first session started off with this Digital Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Vitamin C Treatment. It looks like a phone, no? hahax.. When the metal part of the hand piece (looks like a handset with a flat piece of metal sticking out at the end) touches my skin, i can feel that it's vibrating at a very high frequency. During the cleansing, micro water droplets bounce onto my skin making my skin feel cool and there wasn't any pain or whatsoever. I was also told to hold on to a metal rod (which is the earth plate) during treatment.

After my face is cleansed, Dr. Janice proceeds to use Theraclear on me. So.... what exactly is Theraclear?

Theraclear is the only technology that treats multiple causes of acne in one single treatment (p. acne bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores) by using advanced vacuum & filtered broadband light.

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