All About Theraclear Acne Therapy and More on the 1st & 2nd Session!

Friday, September 13, 2013

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As mentioned in my earlier post, i’m suspecting that my recent bad jawline breakout is due to hormonal imbalance + TCM (chinese medication)… The ‘heatiness’ of the medication has also led to big acne forming on the sides of my face, my cheeks & temples *FML!! I have taken actions trying to reduce the breakouts (like drinking more water, deep cleanse, using products meant for acne-prone skin and exfoliate / usage of deep purifying mask more often) but the results are unsatisfactory!! To make things worse, my sensitive skin started peeling due to some of the products and some areas were feeling raw + dry + itchy!!

My morale is low and i’m feeling very down because of this! How i wish that there will be a fast solution to treat my skin issues.. I do not wish to go back to medications and harsh creams due to the side effects! Moreover, i’m TTC-ing so i don’t wish to risk anything!

Every cloud has a silver lining and i was invited by Innomed Asia (together with CozyCot) to review the Theraclear Acne Therapy. Innomed Asia is a distributor for American & European medical equipments for beauty & aesthetics industry headquartered in Singapore with presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Innomed offers a wide range of technologically advanced lasers, pulsed-light, radio-frequency, acoustic waves, skin analysis & imaging, weight-management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems and professional skin care products.

TheraClear is Innomed’s latest breakthrough Acne Therapy innovation which combines the Dual Power of Vacuum and Light Treatment for treating / controlling acne skin conditions. With Immediate Results (FDA cleared for most types of mild to severe acne), it helps to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne including acne vulgaris, Comedonal acne and Pustular acne. After the treatment, you will expect to see visible improvement within 24 – 48 hours post treatment.. Treatment will only take about 10 minutes and is painless!

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