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What Makes TheraClear Different?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TheraClear is a new, break through device for acne with a multi-approach system that can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin. What makes TheraClear different is that it uses both a physical vacuum and a broad spectrum light, which work together to treat acne effectively. Clinical studies have determined that acne has several causes, but the root of the problem of acne is always due to blocked sebum. Theraclear is the only device that removes the sebum, mechanically evacuating it and other acne causing bacteria for an immediate outcome.

TheraClear works by combining two powerful energies that, when engaged simultaneously, can effect a level of purification and deep cleansing unattainable in previous applications. The vaccuum-like component pulls out the clogged, dead skin cells and oils that are blocking your pores while the broad spectrum light calms inflammation and kills bacterial leaving you with a new, smoother, more even texture and a clear, radiant glow. Many skin conditions respond quickly with remarkable results to TheraClear.