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Is Your Cell Phone Giving You Acne?

Friday, July 04, 2014

There are many studies illustrating the affects of cell phones on your body, some even involving a possible link to forming cancer cells. However, when it comes to dealing with acne, there is proof that spending too much time on the phone is connected with acne growth and breakouts. [Source:]

How Do Phones Cause Acne?iphone-wireless-smartphone-cellphone

Just think about all the germy encounters your cell phone has each day:

  • Being placed in car cup holders, on counters, falling on the floor or ground, etc.
  • Resting inside pant and jacket pockets, rubbing against bills, coins, frequently used credit cards, etc.
  • Touching your hands constantly (keep in mind all the things your hands touch each day).

Trapping oils and dirt in the pores of your skin cause acne, that much is clear. However, what may not be as clear is that using your cell phone for extended periods of time can trap these oils and dirt particles into your pores, causing breakouts. Mitchell Kline, MD, a professor at New York-Presbyterian Medical Center’s Weill Cornell Medical College weighs in: “Some people hold cell phones to their faces and talk for a long period of time, perspiring onto the phone and blocking the pores.” “Holding your phone against your cheek traps oil in the pores, which can lead to those deep-forming acne cysts,” agrees Neil Sadick, MD, a renowned dermatologist and researcher.*

Though some studies show that your skin’s own immune capabilities can fend off most oil and bacteria from a phone, it is undeniable that extended use of a phone in a single sitting, even up to fifteen minutes, can cause a breakout.

Take Action and Take Care of Your Phone

There are several precautions you can take to limit the amount of dirt and oil that enter your pores from prolonged cell phone use:

  1. Clean your phone. Your phone is constantly exposed to dirt, grime and bacteria – try cleaning it once regularly with an approved cleaning wipe or solution.
  2. Wash your hands. Clean hands limit the amount of bacteria that is transferred to the surface of your phone.
  3. Wash your face once a day. This will help rid your skin of acne-causing bacteria (remember to always wash gently).
  4. Use a headset. This will limit contact to your face and hands, and you will be accomplishing two tasks at once: fighting acne and driving safer!

All Summed Up…

Prolonged use of cell phones can transfer oils and bacteria to your skin, fill your pores and cause acne breakouts. Limit your call times, clean your phone regularly, wash your hands and face every day, and try using a headset to limit the frequency of breakouts.