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Helpful Tips For Men Dealing With Acne

Friday, November 18, 2016

Acne is something that can be just as discomforting and embarrassing for men as it can be for women. The treatments for acne are quite different for men, simply because males have different skin and a difference in the manner in which men groom. While there are a lot of acne tips that can be helpful to both sexes, these are some great tips that are aimed at men to help them deal with acne and prevent future outbreaks:


When you are a man with acne, you need to make sure that you shave very carefully, as the razor can tear the pimples and make the condition even worse. If you happen to tear a pimple, you can spread the bacteria over the skin on your face, which may lead to more acne. It may be best to use an electric razor as an alternative to a straight razor.

To avoid irritating your akin, always shave in the direction of the hair growth and never against it. Shaving after a shower will make for easier hair removal, as this is when the hair will be the softest. Once you shave, try applying an acne cleanser instead of an aftershave, as the harsh chemicals found in aftershave can make the issue worse. Additionally, you should avoid thick shaving foams, as a lot of them contain a known skin irritant called sodium laurel sulphate.


Drop your manly pride and think about trying a good facial moisturizer. There are a number of products on the market today that are made for men, so that you can have options that are free of flowery scents. Once you shave, you can apply the cleanser and follow with a moisturizer that will replenish your skin. Shaving and using acne cleansers can start to dry out your skin, so going with a good moisturizer that is free of excessive oil will be a nice way to keep whiteheads and blackheads from developing.

What About Rosacea?

Did you know that if you are having an acne problem that is moderate to severe, you could actually be dealing with rosacea? It is best that you see a dermatologist to rule out the issue as rosacea is not going to respond to traditional acne treatments and should always be looked at by a doctor or dermatologist.

Men Deserve Clean Faces

Both women and men should clean their face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This will keep the skin free of dirt and bacteria. Good exfoliating products and the deep cleansers are not just for women. There are great products tailored to men, as well. Just a bit of research will help you to find the right products for men to give you clear, acne-free skin.

As a man, you have unique facial skin that needs special attention. By following these simple tips, you can help your skin to stay vibrant, healthy, and free of the embarrassment of acne.

Michael Emm is a writer and blogger specializing in health and personal wellness topics. His passion is informing and empowering people to live healthy, vibrant lives. Currently, Michael writes about acne causes and treatment at his blog