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Celebrities Who've Battled Acne

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You're not alone! These celebrities have battled acne too! Via

Broken out and feel like you're the only one experiencing acne despair? You're definitely not alone; even Hollywood's most beautiful women can have problematic skin. Some, like Cameron Diaz, have been open about their acne issue for years, while others, like Naya Rivera, have only recently begun to talk about it. Find out who's being up front about their acne, and how these famous faces deal.

Emma Stone:
"I had bad hormonal acne when I was 17, and they put me on Accutane for it. Then, I had stress acne when I was 20, when I did Easy A, which they kindly video-airbrushed out of the movie," Emma Stone told Refinery29. "But I realized how debilitating and embarrassing it can be to have cystic acne. So, I'm really interested in the biology of what makes up acne and how to work on it from the outside, too."

Jurnee Smollet:
You may remember Jurnee Smollett from Full House, but she has grown quite a bit since then and had to go through the usual rights of passage — including acne. "I was shooting Friday Night Lights in Austin, and with the humidity, the great Texas food, the hormones, and the stress of me planning a wedding, my skin was freaking out," she told us. Jurnee has been able to maintain clear skin with a regimen of sleep, Proactiv, and drinking lots of water.

Keira Knightley:
From watching her films, you would never know that Keira Knightley has battled breakouts. "I'm incredibly self-conscious about the fact that I get bad skin," she admitted to Australian Vogue. But even blemishes didn't stop Keira from winning a beauty campaign with Chanel. How's that for motivation?